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Facebook Fever

Posted by Laura Crean on December 10, 2012 at 6:30 PM

I just spent half an hour writing a blog and then pushed the wrong button - it didn't save :O:P

Oh well, here goes again :)...

I haven't written anything in my blog for a while.  I find myself sitting staring at a blank screen wondering what on Earth to talk about hoping that the 2 people who will probably read it won't find it soooo boring they won't want to come back again. :roll: anyways...

So here I am it's midnight on Monday 10th December and I am sitting watching Die Hard for the millionth time because I love Bruce Willis and for some reason Facebook is down!!!  Yep!  I just realised what a complete and utter Facebook addict I am.  I am completely hooked on this particular form of social networking!  I actually miss the cheesy tag and share jokes, inspirational snapshots and profile updates of all my Facebook friends. Castleville is calling me and I even find myself wanting to see the photos of random dinners and my distant cousin's frolicking puppies - that is what makes Facebook such a wonderful internet experience.  I love it, I use it everyday as a diary, newspaper, radio, telephone...I chat to my friends, post my photos and look at theirs, cheer people up and get cheered up in return :D Wow!  How on Earth would I live without it if it went completely?  I would be completely and utterly lost without Facebook.  I sell my wares and share my creativity in the numerous writers groups and pages and enjoy the gossiping about TV and celebrities.  Twitter is just not the same!  I love choosing and changing my profile pic and cover pic to personalise my page and being selective about what articles, photos, videos etc. to share on my wall.  But most of all as a single woman alone in the evenings with the TV, I just love the fact that with Facebook on as well as the TV, I feel like I have company.  I know a virtual social life can't compare to the real thing, but Facebook keeps me busy, distracted and CONNECTED, yep I said it, connected!  When I have Facebook in my life I have a virtual window to lean out of and chat to my friendly (worlwide) neighbours.  I can play scrabble with a friend and plan a reunion with old school pals, see what the latest trends in conversations are and even connect with a hero or 2 and like their fan page and chat to fellow fans - so - yes I most certainly do have Facebook Fever - do you?    ;)

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