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The Realm of the Purple Dragon is the first book

in the Blue Rainbow Rune Series.


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    The White Wizard’s pet flew off up the side of the mountain and disappeared into a cave, a third of the way up.  Ellenor waited for him to come out, and she waited and waited and waited…and finally he emerged and flew quickly down to where she was hiding - and not a moment too soon!  A huge shadow darkened the mountainside and the area where Ellenor was hiding.  At first she thought it was a cloud passing in front of the moon but as she looked up she saw the Red Dragon returning home to his cave. 

    Then Ellenor saw something else that caused her to draw in a sharp breath.  It was Shannon standing at the cave entrance.  As she looked down straight in her direction, Ellenor stepped out to wave and immediately knew that it had been a stupid thing to do.  But in her excitement at seeing her sister she didn’t stop to think.  The Red Dragon saw the Sword of Truth glint in the moonlight and, as he moved his bulk and the full light of the moon hit the sword, it flashed magically in the moon’s cool beams.

    Everything the Red dragon saw, the Dark Lord saw also through the power of the dragon amulet.  So when Vindalf saw Ellenor through his dragon slave’s eyes, he screamed at the Red Dragon to attack.  The Red Dragon tried to resist but Vindalf’s grip on the dragon tightened; his will was too strong, he had complete control over the dragon and, with no will power of his own left, the Red Dragon was forced to do his master’s bidding.  He dove with great speed at the terrified girl, who quickly drew a rune of power from the magic pouch.  The rune she drew was:-




Algiz - The Rune of Protection. 

 With a flash of purple light the rune turned into a magic shield to protect Ellenor from the dragon fire.  Unfortunately, it was not quick enough as the Red Dragon blew his first fiery breath at the still unprotected human girl, and it caught her on her shoulder.

      Ellenor screamed in pain and, as the shield materialised, she hid behind it just in time for another blast of the burning dragon’s breath to be reflected off of the mirror-like surface of the shield.  She peeped out cautiously from behind the Shield of Protection just in time to see the huge bulk of red scales bearing down on her again.  She screamed and instinctively drew the Sword of Truth and lunged at the dragon, just managing to catch him in his leg.  The enchanted sword bit deep and the wound was soon bleeding large dark droplets of steaming dragon’s blood, some of which dripped onto Ellenor before the dragon, knocked off balance, flew back to his lair to tend his wound.


Feeling dizzy from her own wound Ellenor felt around in the rune pouch for the magic healing 
that the Flower Fairy had given her.  She touched the burn with the tiny pink petals and, before her eyes, the ugly wound healed over, leaving not the slightest clue of there ever having been an injury of any sort.  Her amazement was short lived though.  As she put the flower away she realised the fight wasn’t over yet as the Red Dragon emerged from the cave for a second round.

The magic shield protected her well as the dragon attacked with even more gusto, but Ellenor realised she was clearly going to have to retreat.  She drew her second rune of the day, this time it was:-


The Runic magic instantly zapped Ellenor safely away from harm.  She hid in some nearby trees and, as the night pressed in on her from every side, she worried about how she was going to get her family back.