Laura Crean Author of The Rainbow Rune Series


I love to write in rhyme!  I don't always write my poetry in rhyme but for most of my children's poetry I do.  This is because Children love rhyme, especially young children.  They thrive on repetition and routine and believe it or not kids love rhythm.  It is an ideal way to teach children to read as the patterns and blends in the words will help children to recognise and remember how to read them.  My children's books aren't designed as a reading scheme but as an interactive 'sharing' experience with adults.  I believe in reading to children from a young age - children absolutely love to hear an adult read a favourite book (especially at bed time).

That is why I like to write stories in rhyme.  So all my books for younger children (toddlers and infants) will tend to be in rhyme.  I know a lot of Children's publishers frown on using rhyme but that's just how I roll so I have chosen to self-publish my children's books.

I also write poems for children because I simply find them fun and so you will find lots of fun poems to read in my  'Play and Pretend with Poetry' books available to buy on

Poetry was my first love as a child and you will also find my poetry popping up in my fantasy novels too - this is because I just love the power and MAGIC of words and use poetry in the form of spells and magical wisdom in my Realm of the Purple Dragon Series of books.

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'Scooters and Skateboards'


         The Walking Bus

           (from 'Scooters and Skateboards')



           I was getting ready for school one day

           and my Mum was in such a rush,

           she said we had to hurry

           to catch the walking bus.


          “A walking bus!” 

          I exclaimed in glee,

          a bus with legs instead of wheels,

          I couldn’t wait to see.


          And in my mind I saw the bus

          and started then to giggle,

          a double-decker in high heels

          was walking with a wiggle.


          It had a red and spotty dress

          and yellow curly hair,

          I thought that such a silly sight

          must be rather rare.


          I packed my lunch and reading book

          with extra super speed

          and waited by the door because

          I really had a need…


          …to climb on board that walking bus,

          it would be such a treat

          to travel to school in such style

          really would be neat!


          “Let’s go!”  Mum said,

          “They’ll be passing here soon.”

          I felt like I was on a special

          mission to the moon!


          We opened the door

          and stepped out onto the path

          and then I saw a sight

          that really made me laugh.


     A big long line of children

          was walking past our gate,

                                         they must all want to catch the walking bus too,  

                   I thought,             

     won’t that be just great!


          We joined the line of children

          and walked down my road together

          and I met my friend Anita,

          so that made it even better!


          I had a friend to join me now

          on such a special day,

          we’d board the walking bus together

          and then be on our way.


          I waved my mum goodbye

          as we turned around the bend,

          then Anita and I played I Spy

          with another friend.


          But then we passed the bus stop

          which got me all confused

          and we carried on towards my school,

          now I really was bemused.


           “Where’s the walking bus?”

          I asked a lady in a panic,

          “Why didn’t you know my dear,” she said


                “The walking bus – you’re on it!”


               And then of course it dawned on me

               why Mum was in such a rush,

               it was to catch the children walking by

               not an actual walking bus!

              Laura Crean