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                    Poetry - This one's for the adults


I love to write poetry.  It is how I express my feelings and how I try to make sense of the world around me.  I love it when people read my poems and say that the words affected them in some way or that they have felt that way too.  Hope you enjoy them.

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Holding The World in an Open Hand 

Each child holds the World in an open hand

to mould it into any shape they choose

they have a lifetime to understand

that they just can't lose.


They must let their imaginations fly

and be creatively inspired

if only every child could try

to create the world they each desired.


Imagine the possibilities

and how such a world could be

a choice of infinite realities

it could be truly heavenly.


It isn't just a daydream

we can make or dreams come true

it isn't as hard as it may seem

heaven is in all of you.


You already hold heaven in your hand

and also in your heart

if every child could make a stand

that would be a start.

Laura Crean. 





                             How Great

How great is the love that he bestows

How wonderful his Spirit

How glorious the light that glows

And the truth within it.


How strong is the hand that guides me

And leads me on my way

How mighty is my saviour

Who delights in me today.


How can I show my love for him

And prove my heart he's won

For unburdening from me my sin

Through his most precious son?


How faithful is his presence

That never leaves my side

 He knows my deepest feelings

When I have smiled when I have cried.


How comforting his healing love

That banishes all my fears

Which are carried on the wings of a dove

To heaven with my tears.


How euphoric is the joy

That is all that now remains

In his great love I can employ

The power to shed all Earthly chains.


How humbled in his Spirit's grace

I feel his gentle touch

That opens up a new found faith

In me that means so very much.


How can I prove my love for him?

By answering his call

By listening to God's love within

And then by walking tall


And sharing out that healing light

That he has given me

To carry on the daily fight

With darkness fear and misery.

Laura Crean 

              The Road Less Travelled

If ever you are in some doubt

about your life's direction

take a large step back

and make a new connection

 to all that makes you who you are

and to all those lives you have touched

it seems you have come so very far

and achieved so much.


If you observed your own life's journey

from a different point of view

I am sure you would see the difference

you have made to other lives by just simply being you.


Sometimes the road's a long one

with many obstacles along the way

you have met a fair few crossroads

and had many tolls to pay.


I know the way's not always clear

and you often may get lost

but just think of all those you hold most dear

and not of how much it has cost.


Then start to plan a new journey

and this time take the scenic route

don't be in such a hurry

don't follow the traffic just to suit


another who tries to point the way

it might not be right for you

taking the road less travelled

may have a nicer view.

 Laura Crean



                     The Waters of Life

My life is moving like a flowing river,

constantly cutting through a path,

It demonstrates a myriad emotions,

it knows that nothing ever lasts.


A quiet stream

my trickle slow and easy,

its calm and gentle whisper

penetrates my dreams.


And yet nothing quite so simple

seems to please me

and nothing quite so complex

seems to tease.


As that sleepy river starts to awaken

and rocks and rapids introduce a change of pace,

I feel my senses sharpen, am I mistaken?

Is my life a river or a race?


And as the rush of water nears its final goal,

the energy of my lifeforce takes a turn,

then suddenly the sum of all my parts are whole,

I feel there is little left I need to learn.


Finally the river finds the ocean,

its vast expanse sets my spirit free

and now I know my mind is open

as the waters of my life mingle with the sea.


So now my soul is moving with the tides of my emotions,

I'm free to ebb and flow in gentle waves

and I know now that my devotion

to my children and my life behaves


just like the ever changing, ever flowing

gentle river travelling towards the sea,

and the waters of my life are ever changing

to suit whatever form it may decide to be.

Laura Crean.




                          Hands and Feet

My life's all hands and feet

in paint on simple canvas,

they overlap and meet,

the patterns made are neat but hapless.


My children's hands are pretty

side by side or holding mine,

and their little toes so tender

outlined in glitter pen so fine.


And on the hands like henna,

the patterns twist and turn,

not symbols of prosperity and fertility

but a visual mantra

of my family's lives entwined.


I may be all fingers and thumbs

and my life's journey seems to be made

with two left feet...

but each step echoes like native drums

that with my children, the picture is complete.


Like footsteps in the sand

the paths we make change with time,

and making pictures with our hands

can speak a thousand words - just sublime.

Laura Crean





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